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Brit | Insta Studio

I've gained about 150-200 followers since joining Insta Studio, which is a good start since I knew pretty much nothing before! People are responding, inquiring, engaging and supporting which has led to a lot of exciting things. My most recent WIN is I just supplied 8 paintings for a new beauty bar, my second showcase in Uptown (on Magazine Street) in New Orleans. That is WHERE I WANT TO BE! I am starting to get a steady stream of interests and commissions and I am super thankful!

Brit | @britalbinart

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Tiffany | Insta Studio

2 days ago I decided to create an account for my mom blog and apply what I'm learning as I go. Within those 2 days and 6 posts later, I have started receiving followers and engagement from people in my niche overnight! I have 61 organic followers, including some children clothing and beauty product brands I hope to work with one day! I know these stats aren't mind blown but I'm pretty proud to go from not having an account, to having people and companies wanting to follow me who are my target audience!

Tiffany | @simplyfabulousmoms

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Lindsay | Insta Studio

Just had to share... pressed juicery shared my photo (green juice with the flamingos in the background) !!! WIN! So grateful for this community and Shannan Monson teaching us all the tricks! Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!!! 💕

Lindsay | @lt_01

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