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"I've always considered myself a good teacher and have enjoyed teaching others, but for years I was focusing my business on being a blog- taking on sponsored posts and creating content for others.

This has completely changed the way I see myself as a businessperson— now not only can I create content, but I can teach literally hundreds of other people how to create content, as well. It's an incredibly adaptable model that has virtually limitless scalability.

I feel like I hit the lottery with this, because I'm selling a product that's at a reasonable-enough price for a large market, leading to tens of thousands in sales from only a little over a hundred signups.


about sarah

Sarah is the creator behind Foodtography School, where she’s taught 450+ students to improve their food photography through fun and information-packed online courses. I created Foodtography School so that I could pass along the knowledge I've gained in the past 8 years of learning food photography. Because we are only strong when we band together.

Foodtography School is more than a course; it's a community of individuals building each other up and helping each other grow. I'm so incredibly proud of the students who have already come through our course, and cannot wait for you to become one of them.


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