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Founder of Broma Bakery


I was hosting in-person workshops for 10-15 people every few months. Doing these workshops was awesome and profitable, but due to their nature of being in-person they drastically limited the number of people that could be involved. In addition, the high price of workshops was a barrier to entry for many. Coupled with the fact that they required tons of planning and logistics, I could only manage doing 1-2 of these workshops a year. Before I was averaging 10k/month from sponsored work, photography, and workshops.


I just finished selling my first bootcamp ever, and made over $38,400 in net profit. I've always considered myself a good teacher and have enjoyed teaching others, but for years I was focusing my business on being a blog- taking on sponsored posts and creating content for others.

The bootcamp has completely changed the way I see myself as a businessperson— now not only can I create content, but I can teach literally hundreds of other people how to create content, as well. It's an incredibly adaptable model that has virtually limitless scalability.

I feel like I hit the lottery with this, because I'm selling a product that's at a reasonable-enough price for a large market, leading to tens of thousands in sales from only a little over a hundred signups.




Sarah completed the Icon Certification process as part of a small cohort as an Inner Circle Mastermind member.