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I am so grateful for this genius of a model, how it's literally changing the dynamics of my business (less 1:1's) and cannot wait to use this model for future launches. I hope this gives you valuable insight and confidence to just go for it and share your gifts with the world!

Sandy Vo | Dear Self & Co

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Sandra Greenbank | Icon

I taught a free class on how to prevent miscarriage using diet and lifestyle approach. I think I had about 100 people registered, 80 or so turned up, and 24 sign-ups at £95. As part of promoting the webinar I also got 3 x 1:1’s signed up to my premium coaching package (£1650) so in 2-3 days I banked about £7K!

Sandra Greenbank | Nutritional Therapist

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Sarah Fennel | Icon

For years I was focusing my business on being a blog- taking on sponsored posts and creating content for others. This has completely changed the way I see myself as a businessperson-- It's an incredibly adaptable model that has virtually limitless scalability. I feel like I hit the lottery.

Sarah Fennel | Broma Bakery

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Christine Sellers | Icon

My social media sites have only been live about 6 weeks, but despite my IG following being small (I have almost 350 on IG, Facebook is only like 120), they are extremely loyal and responded SO WELL to everything! I almost tripled my goal, and I thought my goal was ambitious in the first place. I LOVE this process and I can’t wait to tweak and do it all again next month!

Christine Sellers | Soul Strength

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Les Alfred | Icon

This has been the only course I’ve actually completed and seen results from. Just did the math and last week I made the same amount of money I usually make in a month in my day job. So excited to continue!

Les Alfred | The Balanced Berry

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Lindsay Surowitz | Icon

I wanted to scale my business but wasn't sure how to do it. I thought about group coaching, but was intimidated trying to figure out how to get started, how to get the word out about it, and whether I'd even get anyone to sign up. Creating my first bootcamp has been a total game changer! I could have never imagined that my first launch would be such a success. To think that I was nervous that I wouldn't get any sign-ups... and then ended up with 49... that was such an exciting few days! It made me realize that  this is just the beginning of where my business is headed.

Lindsay Surowitz | Weeknight Bite

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Megan Kober | Icon

After my first bootcamp launch I more than doubled my income. I finally understand who my ideal customer is, and what products & services I can offer them that will help me grow my business. The feedback I got from my bootcamp buyers was invaluable. The Nutrition Addiction was a small blog before and I was constantly wondering what was next. This method helped me see It didn’t matter how many followers I had, just that I converted the *right* followers. I feel like I have the formula now and I know the number of clients I have now is VERY good for the number of followers I have and how big my list is.

Megan Kober | The Nutrition Addiction

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Erika Peterson | Icon

I’ve only had time to implement a few of the things we talked about but it’s helped us have a super freaking successful challenge this round– Best to date. We have already had a 40% increase in revenue since our last launch and we’re still in the beginning of the 3-month challenge period.I’m so thankful to you for even the smallest little tips! You pushed me to start and everything you teach is like a shiny gem to me!

Erika Peterson | Clean Simple Eats

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Brit | Insta Studio

I've gained about 150-200 followers since joining Insta Studio, which is a good start since I knew pretty much nothing before! People are responding, inquiring, engaging and supporting which has led to a lot of exciting things. My most recent WIN is I just supplied 8 paintings for a new beauty bar, my second showcase in Uptown (on Magazine Street) in New Orleans. That is WHERE I WANT TO BE! I am starting to get a steady stream of interests and commissions and I am super thankful!

Brit | @britalbinart

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Tiffany | Insta Studio

2 days ago I decided to create an account for my mom blog and apply what I'm learning as I go. Within those 2 days and 6 posts later, I have started receiving followers and engagement from people in my niche overnight! I have 61 organic followers, including some children clothing and beauty product brands I hope to work with one day! I know these stats aren't mind blown but I'm pretty proud to go from not having an account, to having people and companies wanting to follow me who are my target audience!

Tiffany | @simplyfabulousmoms

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Lindsay | Insta Studio

Just had to share... pressed juicery shared my photo (green juice with the flamingos in the background) !!! WIN! So grateful for this community and Shannan Monson teaching us all the tricks! Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!!! 💕

Lindsay | @lt_01

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Laura Crawford | Icon

So I was the world’s most hesitant ever to buy the course...because everyone is selling courses these days...and I didn’t want to just be another sale to someone that wouldn’t actually invest in my success. I was SUPERRR blessed to connect with Brittany and Shannan and they really assured me that there weren’t just going to run away when I needed help!

So...I took a leap of faith and bought the course- but...I told myself that if I bought it, I had to do the course in a week and then create my webinar within two! I was determined to put the promise to the test and I did. I purchased the course and then had my webinar exactly three weeks later!~ I had over 200 signups, 50% showed up live, and 10% purchased live!!! Un. Freaking. Real. Sooooo after TEN (yes, ten) years of blogging and barely making anything–I made more than I ever could have imagined within a 21 day period! Best part? Now it’s alllll done and ready to be set on autopilot for my next bootcamp! Seriously the best feeling ever. I just wanted to share how successful this model is!

Laura Crawford | Clean Chef Messy Mom

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Kari Olson Co.
Alex Gray | Icon

After my first webinar, these have been my results in just three days following. I’m kind of blown away right now and feeling super encouraged and pumped. 41.46% show up rate, 26% replay rate, 56% stayed the entire time, 9 Bootcamps sold, 10 products sold, sales total: $2667.81. Thank you SO much for the support and love shannan! You guys are such incredible coaches I’m just in awe of the learning experience I’ve had already!!!

Alex Gray | Photographer

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Tera | Femme


Tera, Wholistic Health Consultant

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