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Learn how to balance sharing real life vs content so people feel educated, part of a bigger community, and inspired. You'll learn how to post exactly what your audience wants and create a cohesive story and theme for your brand (think: colors). Learn the exact 4 photos you should be taking (think: post categories) and we'll also cover privacy and boundaries so you can confidently share your life while still maintaining your privacy.



Learn how to be a professional iPhone photographer and develop your own unique photography style. You'll also learn lighting (hi foam boards!) and how to establish a consistent signature "look". I'll walk you step-by-step and show you exactly what I use for Instagram backgrounds (that cost $5 or less), how to create flat lays plus a bonus video on food styling! 



Insta Stories are to Instagram what blogging was to the OG internet–in other words, stories are where it's at. Learn how to create captivating stories that organically fit into your (new!) Insta strategy, what to say on Instagram live (& how to save them) and how to repurpose what you already have so you can make Instagram work for you, not the other way around.



Meet Insta Stories: a new twist on an old classic. Learn how to create engaging Insta Stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end, and how to repurpose content you already have–and things you already do all day!–to create Insta Stories that build know, like & trust without spending all day on Instagram.