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  • Lesson 01 | Crash course in business marketing
  • Lesson 02 | My story: how I pre-sold an idea and turned it into $100,000 in revenue with the Icon Process
  • Lesson 03 | Masterclass Replay: an overview of the Icon Process–teach, presell, deliver
  • Lesson 04 | Your Icon Timeline: commit to a start date and create an organized launch content calendar
  • Homework | Join the Icon facebook community, introduce yourself, and get setup with an accountability partner.



  • Lesson 01 | Ask your audience: how to research a teaching topic and poll your audience to get clear on exactly what your audience wants to learn from you
  • Lesson 02 | Create your masterclass outline: Narrow down and choose a teaching topic and use the problem-solution method to create a masterclass outline that adds value while leaving people wanting more
  • Lesson 03 | Goldilocks test: Put your teaching topic through the Goldilocks Method to make sure you have a profitable, scalable idea that's not too broad or too narrow, but just right 
  • Homework | Research and poll your audience to choose a teaching topic and create your problem-solution masterclass outline.



  • Lesson 01 | Revenue Projections: Set a revenue goal and work backwards to determine exactly how many masterclass registrants you need to hit your income goals
  • Lesson 02 | Choose your offer: Design an offer and determine your unique selling proposition–what makes you uniquely qualified to offer it
  • Lesson 03 | Results: get clear on what results you help people to achieve so you can clearly articulate the value and benefits of what you have to offer 
  • Lesson 04 | Pricing & value outline: Create a pricing & value outline you can confidently stand behind, charge what your worth, and how to overcome objections like "it's too expensive" with clear values attached to each component of your offering
  • Homework | Outline your offer, decide on any bonuses you'll include, create your pricing and value outline, and establish a final price point for your offer



  • Lesson 01 | Your masterclass presentation: Create an outline with the 3 main components of a high-converting masterclass: hook, teaching content, & pitch, using the proven problem-solution method
  • Lesson 02 | Outshine your competition: use your unique strengths and personality to create a masterclass that stands out from the competition and builds know, like & trust with your viewers
  • Lesson 03 | Your teaching process: turn your knowledge into an easy to follow step-by-step teaching process
  • Lesson 04 | Masterclass assets: create a masterclass title & sign-up page bullets to get people excited to sign-up and show-up to your free event
  • Lesson 05 | Survey feedback: how to incorporate feedback from pre-masterclass surveys and past masterclasses into your presentation to create an engaging, valuable experience
  • Homework | Create your masterclass title, sign-up page bullets, teaching process, and masterclass presentation.


04. TECH

  • Lesson 01 | Masterclass Setup: setup your masterclass from registration page all the way to the live event with step-by-step tutorials for every software option
  • Lesson 02 | Thank you page: create a thank you page that gets people excited to show up for your live masterclass– with video, survey, and date & time reminders
  • Lesson 03 | Checkout page: set-up a checkout page for a seamless and easy buying experience for your customers
  • Lesson 04 | Commerce: Set-up receipts, create coupon codes, and learn how to handle refund requests
  • Lesson 05 | After the sale: prep downloads, files, and emails to send automatically after purchase
  • Homework | Setup your masterclass software, create a registration page, create a checkout page, coupon codes, and have a welcome email automatically scheduled to send to new buyers.



  • Lesson 01 | Foundations of Pre-Masterclass Marketing:
  • Lesson 02 | Daily promotion objectives: Follow a day-by-day timeline breaking down what you should be promoting & where each day in the days leading up to your masterclass
  • Lesson 03 | Instagram promotion: what to post and when to post it, plus real-life examples of captions and stories that work
  • Lesson 04 | Email promotion: get a proven series of pre-written email templates complete with subject line suggestions to get people excited to sign up, show up, and purchase at the end of your masterclass
  • Homework | Create your masterclass content schedule–including social media posts and emails, write all captions and email copy, gather a folder of assets (images and videos) and prepare your ready-to-go pre-masterclass marketing content plan.



  • Lesson 01 | Thank you page: Build know, like & trust and maximize show-up rate with a thank you page and thank you video 
  • Lesson 02 | Masterclass survey: survey your registrants for maximum attendance, sample survey questions to use, and how to setup the survey and access results
  • Lesson 03 | Reminder emails: send emails that tell stories, create excitement, and get people to show up live on your masterclass excited to learn from you
  • Lesson 04 | Knockout masterclass strategies: look like a natural with our proven strategies to be confident, calm, and get results on live
  • Lesson 05 | Replay: create a recording of your replay to send to people who can't attend live and use the recording to maximize sales after your live masterclass
  • Homework | Create a thank you page, thank you page survey, and thank you page video, host a practice masterclass, and confidently prepare for your live masterclass.



  • Lesson 01 | Foundations of Post-Masterclass Marketing: Leverage your replay to get more sales, even after the live event
  • Lesson 02 | Daily promotion objectives: Create more urgency, demand, social proof and sales after your masterclass with a day-by-day timeline of what to promote where 
  • Lesson 03 | Instagram promotion: what to post and when to post it to get people to buy your offer, plus real-life examples of captions and stories that work
  • Lesson 04 | Email promotion: get a proven series of pre-written email templates complete with subject line suggestions to get people to watch your replay, click on your offer, and purchase your product after the masterclass has ended
  • Lesson 05 | Closing your cart: how to close your cart and set-up a waitlist to maximize sales during your next promo period
  • Lesson 06 | Number analysis: analyze your masterclass statistics compared to industry average so you can build and improve on your masterclass next time
  • Homework | Send your replay, promote your offer using the content calendar, copy, and assets you setup in Unit 5, and analyze your masterclass statistics for next time



  • Lesson 01 | Bootcamp Foundations: how to confidently host a bootcamp–or deliver version one of your final product–that delivers an incredible customer experience

  • Lesson 02 | Bootcamp setup: scheduling bootcamp emails, setting up and scheduling group zoom calls, and creating and running an active facebook community for your buyers

  • Lesson 03 | Running your bootcamp: how to collect feedback, questions, and listen to what your buyers want, and how to implement that feedback to make your bootcamp offer better as you deliver the experience

  • Lesson 04 | Testimonials: collect raving testimonials and turn current buyers into future buyers

  • Homework | Deliver your bootcamp or offer with week-by-week zoom calls, PDFs, emails, etc., collect feedback, answer questions, and implement what you learned to make your offer better, collect testimonials for your next promotion period.